Amazing Health benefits of black pepper

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Amazing Health benefits of black pepper 2

The humble spice holds more benefits than your imagine. Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spice is world wide and it was made by grinding peppercorns which are dried berries from the vine.

The Black pepper is more than just kitchens and it has a sharp mildly spicy flavor that goes well with many dishes.

It has been deemed the King of spices and used in ancient ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years due to its high concentration of beneficial plant compounds in different ways to yield different kinds of pepper.

while pepper originally belongs to South India and it is grown in other tropical countries as well. it is played year vital role in history and has been considered as an important spice from time immemorial.

In ancient Greece it was also used as currency and in later days it become pivotal in the spice trade across the world.

India, Brazil and Indonesia follow suit the black pepper while used in cooking and garnishing in the world over comes with lots of health benefits. The next time you relegate black pepper to the back of your self think twice.

May Lower cholesterol levels

Black pepper extract has been studied in animal for its potential to reduce cholesterol levels. High blood cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of heart disease which is the leading cause of death worldwide.

In one 42 days study rats fed a high fat diet and your black pepper extract had decreased blood cholesterol levels including LDL bad cholesterol. The same effects were not seen in the control groups.

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Additional e black pepper and piperine are believed to boost the absorption of dietary supplements that have potential cholesterol lowering effects like turmeric and red yeast rice.

For example more studies are needed to determined whether black paper itself has significant cholesterol lowering effects in human and black paper may increase the absorption of the active component of turmeric.

May improve blood sugar control:

In one study rats fed black pepper extract had a smaller spike in blood sugar levels after consuming gulcose compared to rats in the control group.

Additionally 86 overweight people taking a supplement containing piperine and other compounds for 8 weeks experience significant improvements in insulin sensitivity a measure of how will the hormone insulin removes glucose from the bloodstream.

however it is unclear whether the same effect would occur with black pepper alone as a combined of a many active plant compounds was used in this study.

It is a cancer fighting property

Though no human trials have been performed test tube it is found that piperine slowed the replication of breast and colon cancer cells and included cancer cell death.

Researchers hypothesis that the active compound in black paper may have cancer fighting properties.

Another test tube studies screened 55 compounds from spices and observed that piperine from black paper was the most effective at enhancing the efficacy of traditional treatment for triple negative breast cancer the most aggressive cancer type.

Amazing Health benefits of black pepper 3

Piperine has shown promising effects in laboratory studies for advising multidrug resistance in Cancer cells and tissue that interferes with the efficacy of chemotherapy treatment.

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The results are promising more studies are needed to understand the potential cancer fighting properties of black pepper and piperine.

It also improve skin and enables weight loss:

Did you know that crushed pepper is one of the best exfoliators nature has provided us? Don’t use it directly though add a bit of honey orchid or fresh cream to it and it can also enables blood circulation and provide the skin with more oxygen.

Food also takes care of unwarranted skin wrinkles. Black paper is known to help cure of vitiligo a condition where the skin loses pigmentation and creates white patches.

Its outermost layer contains phytonutrients which helps to break down fat cells and also increase metabolism in case if you fresh pepper and begin to perspire that’s the pepper helping your body to get rid of excess water and toxins but you need to control consumption a pinch with your food and your one meal is enough.

It relieves cold and cough:

A teaspoon of honey with freshly crush and pepper II does the trick. Black pepper is antibacterial in nature and therefore it helps to cure cold and cough.

It also helps to alleviate chest conjunction often caused due to pollution, flu, or a viral infection. you can add it to hot water and Eucalyptus oil and take steam then given the black pepper is rich in vitamin c and it also work as a good antibiotic.

Black pepper eases digestion and stimulates the stomach which then secrets more hydrochloric acid that helps to digest proteins in food so a bit of pepper input will actually help you to digest it faster.

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How to use and store it well:

The use of black paper in food is limitless. Rasam with old papers is not only tasty but it also cure cold and blocked nasal passages.

Pongal breakfast food in South India contains whole black peppercorns which adds a delicious Fieriness to the dish.

Something as simple as fried rice can be spiked with pepper for additional flavor. freshly crash pepper can be added in almost anything from salads or sunny slide ups and soups to pastors and even buttermilk also.

You can use it to spice up sources for streaks are curries are used to goat meat such as duck or chicken before drilling it but most experts bill recommended that you cook pepper as less as possible and it is the freshly ground ones that are most beneficial.

Take maximum advantage of the benefits of black pepper it is important that you store is the best way possible.

Amazing Health benefits of black pepper 4

Store it in a airtight glass container and always in a cool dry and dark place. It is recommended that you buy whole peppercorn and crush it at home.

Laboratory studies suggest that black  pepper may improve cholesterol levels, blood sugar control and brain and gut health.

Black pepper compound piperine may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Despite these promises findings more studies in human are needed to better understand the exact health benefits of black pepper and its concentrated extracts.

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