Alternative cancer treatment options to consider

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Alternative cancer treatment options to consider

Alternative cancer treatment describe any cancer treatment for practice

That is not part of the conventional standard of Cancer care and these include special diet and exercise like chemicals, herbs, devices and manual procedures.

Most alternative cancer treatments do not have high quality evidence to supporting their uses.

Many people with cancer are interested in trying anything that may help them including complementary and alternative cancer treatments.

This cancer makes you feel as if you have little control over your health, alternative cancer treatments may offer some feeling of control.

but many alternative cancer treatments are unproved and some may even be dangerous to help you to sort out the good from the bad.

Alternative cancer treatments are typically contrasted with experimental cancer treatment science based treatment methods and complementary treatments.

which are noninvasive practices used in combination with conventional treatment and all approved.

  chemotherapy meditations where considered experimental treatment before completing safety and efficacy testing.

Expert say that therapies such as acupuncture are beneficial as complementary treatments but they are alone can’t

but cancer that is according to the 2nd annual national Cancer opinion survey from the American society of clinical oncology it included 4887 US adults ages 18 and older.

The vast majority of alternative therapies either haven’t been rigorously studied or have not been found to be beneficial patients he said.

When patients are making critical decisions about which cancer treatments to undergo it is always best to follow the evidence from well-designed research studies.

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The most alternative cancer treatments have not been tested in proper clinical trials.

Alternative cancer treatment options to consider 1

A 2006 review of 196 clinical trials that studied and conventional cancer treatments found.

your lack of early phase testing little rationale for dosing regiments and poor statistical analysis.

These kinds of treatments have appeared and vanished throughout the history.

Among studies that have been published the quality is often poor.

 Here are the alternative cancer treatment that are generally safe plus there is growing evidence that these 10 alternative cancer treatment will provide some benefits.

Doctors need to lead the way

If I had to speculate I think that there may be skepticism of medicine and pharmaceutical industries that play a role in increasing people’s willingness to look at alternative therapies in spite of a lack of scientific data.

Alternative cancer treatment options to consider 2

 Ultimately doctors might have to learn to be better educators to their cancer patients.

Also doctors might consider increasing patients interested in complementary care by having a conversation about integrative therapies and pointing them to work the right studies.

 I think that sometimes with the cancer diagnosis the search to look for other treatments behind what is out there are currently actually be a potential conversation starter for physicians

to talk to do cancer patients about clinical trials to look at new treatment in a scientific way and that is the only way we are going to get new FDA approved treatments and therapies to advanced science.

In 2018 study that showed that after receiving a diagnosis and talking cancer specialist who recommended course of treatment only 0.02% of patients choose alternative medicine exclusively over standard cancer care.

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Which alternative cancer treatment are worth trying? Let’s see


Exercise may help you to manage signs and symptoms during after cancer treatment.

Gentle exercise may help you to relieve fatigue, stress and help you to sleep better.

many studies now show that and exercise program may help the people with cancer live longer and improve their overall quality of life.

If you haven’t already been exercising regularly please check with your doctor before you begin and exercise program and start slowly adding more exercises as you go.

work your way up to at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week.


Acupuncture is safe if it is performed by a licensed practitioner using sterilities needles.

Alternative cancer treatment options to consider 3

Ask your doctor for names of trusted practitioners. Acupuncture is not safe if you are taking blood thinners are you if you have low blood counts so check with your doctor first.

During acupuncture treatment practitioners how soon inserts tiny needles into your skin at precise points.

studies show that acupuncture may be helpful in relieving nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Acupuncture may also help you to relieve certain types of pain in people with cancer.


During a massage your practitioners knows your skin, muscles and tendons in an effort to relieve muscle tension and stress promote relaxation.

several massage methods exist but massage can be light and gentle or it can be dip with more pressure.

Massage can be save if you work with a knowledgeable massage therapist and many cancer centers have massage therapist on staff or your doctor can refer you to massage therapist who regularly works with people who have cancer.

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Studies have found that massage can be helpful in relieving pain in people with cancer and it may also help you to relieve anxiety, fatigue and stress. Don’t have a massage if you are blood counts are very low.

Ask the massage therapist to avoid massaging near surgical scars radiation treatment areas or tumors.

If you have cancer in your bones or other bone diseases such as osteoporosis ask the massage therapist to use lite pressure that other than deep massage.

Music therapy and meditations

During music therapy sessions you might listen to music, play instruments, Sing songs or write lyrics.

music therapy is safe and does not require any musical talent to participate and a trained music therapist may lead you through activities designed to meet your specific needs for you may participate in music therapy in a group settings.

Many medical centers have certified music therapist on staff and music therapy may help you to relieve pain and control nausea and vomiting.

Meditation is generally safe. Meditation is state of deep concentration when you focus your mind on one image, sound are Idea such as positive thought.

When meditating you might also do deep breathing for relaxation exercises.

Meditation may help you to the people with cancer by relaxing anxiety and stress.

Alternative cancer treatment options to consider 4

You can meditate on your own for a few minutes once or twice a day or you can take a class with an instructor.

You may find some alternative treatments work well together for instance deep breathing during massage may provide further stress relief.

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