Donated American Mother I have decided before my son

Strongfield, a native of Wisconsin, married a few years ago and has a baby girl.  He belongs to the province of Wisconsin in the Midwest of the United StatesSierra’s baby, pregnant for the second time,

suffered from a rare disease called trisome 18.There are usually 23 chromosomes totaling 2 crores per person.

Donated American Mother I have decided before my son 2

But only those with trisome eighteen types of disease will have the eighteenth pair of chromosomes together.Sierra’s baby Samuel has been diagnosed with the disease. 

The doctors immediately saved the child’s life. However, they could not do anything about the disease of trisome 18 in Samuel’s body,

knowing that the baby would die at any time.

Sierra was born on September 5th last month at 8 months.

 The neonatal baby died in the hospital within the next few hours, as doctors expected. .

Disturbed by the loss of her child, Sierra has volunteered for her son to save the lives of other babies. Collect it in two months, ie 10 months later,

the baby will be born According to the doctors, on November 7,

she was delivered to a serious pediatrician near her home.There is no better feeling than a mother breastfeeding her baby.  But my son Samuel is going to die

The news that he could not feed me was going to die.

The thought that Samuel was going to save him somehow, even though I knew what was going to happen, was on my mind.

But it disappeared.

I decided before Samuel was born to donate his dead mother’s milk.

I couldn’t save my son Samuel.
Breastfeeding the baby.

Getting up at midnight to feed the mind and body will save you milk.
 I know my son will be with me forever.

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