Earn money mobile app pocket money

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Earn money mobile app pocket money 2
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Tamil people are very hearty

Now it is better to earn the mobile app as a mobile app. This is the payment of earning money in the paytm to playtore to download you have to realy on the recharge store in your home page

Give mobile number and give Otp the paytm will be made if it connects to the phone.

phone can recharge Task in this mobile App Work Click on a download Click on a job to do that job and do a job in the amount of 1 rupee to ten rupees

(2 (or) annexed  adhar number and aadhar mobile for sucessful completion of paytm a/c. 

  ( 3)  The paytm a/c is subject to verification by kyc will help for sucessful completion of paytm a/c

   (4)  we can get kyc option is locked as 8th option in the paytm application. if you click   the kyc option which will show (or) display the places where you can upgrade and   verification of kyc inr ending paytm a/c. 

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