Effective ways to do everything you want without fear

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Effective ways to do everything you want without fear

Fear within our mind arises from events and psychological situations or even because of the constant thinking patterns that we have created and then become adjusted to.

Fear is something that is ingrained within our mines and we experience little too big does of it every single day for the most part we try and avoid doing things because we are afraid and that is how the world works but giving into the confines of your is what keeps us from fulfilling our growth success and fulfillment.

If you are trying to work but it is affaired to do anything about it, I have some great news in this episode to the building a story brand podcast so as a former sports agent for 20 years Molly discovered that the best of the best athletes have one thing in common a fearless mind set and she learnt how to navigate fear first hand from the athletes she responded and practiced her knowledge at the negotiating table securing contracts.

eventually she used her fabulous mind said to leave a highly successful career and become and entrepreneur visa consultant corporate speaker and anchor. now she is sharing these lessons with story brand listeners so you can face that upcoming deadline and shared that new ideas are make that leap out of the job you hate.

No matter where are you in your life you can act your way out of a fearless situation and you can thrive.

when it comes to tracking the impact of year there are a number of ways in you can overcome it and it is important that you find constructive ways to beat and overcome the constant looming fear so in order that time the comfort and the safety of our mental confinement it is necessary to find constructive ways to cope with the fear.

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Be bold and challenge yourself: fear

as of all have some kind of ingrained fears within our mind that we are too afraid to challenge and overcome. This might come off as a contradiction to the previous point but when we are talking about challenging yourself we are asking you to challenge your fears and not your limits.

Effective ways to do everything you want without fear 1

Doing something for this is a necessary and it is not important that you do it all at once and you can take one day at the time and find ways to cope with the shortcomings for example if you are afraid of heights try and find ways to overcome it and you can try climbing up to the bottom of your building and looking down for the first day.

then you can gradually look vacation in the mountains then you can try paragliding. When it comes to challenging yourself you don’t need to do paragliding the first day itself and it is OK to take small and baby step because at the end of the day that is what matters so challenge yourself.

You will discover your true purpose because curious when the stakes are raised and tell yourself stories that help you to recover after your fail and you will also remember to stay present in the small moments and own your mistakes finally you will be bold in decisions and stepped into the things you want so you will go for it.

Be open to the possibilities and assess your life:

It is easier for us to stick to our comfort zones and did not explode new opportunities but that is where things need to change and we are often faced with the situations where we have to make choices and we often choose things that we are compatible with and this is where change needs to be made.

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the more you are low your fear and discomfort to take away the opportunities from you the worse it impact our growth and if you find that life is asking you to take the direction that your fear is stopping you from going forward with it is the best that you conquer your fear and go ahead with it instead.

if you are not happy with your life it is likely that the same will end up affecting your growth and performance in life and it might not seem like much but it plays a very curious role in your happiness and your mental well being so find the areas in life that is making you unhappy and work on it.

Effective ways to do everything you want without fear 2

If there is more than one face of life that you or fear full of it is necessary that you choose the face that can foster more positivity in your life and let the takeover so instill positivity in your life because that is exactly what triggers your doldrums and help you to bring a wave of positivity in your life.

Be grateful and read more books:

Instead of being afraid of the things you are doing and try to be grateful for the opportunities that you have been presented with and it is always in those small things that make your life fruitful and worth remembering.

Not many do this but having a sense of gratitude instilled within you is a necessity and when you feel a crippling fear in your mind try to speech that with gratitude.

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once you start appreciating things in life you will understand that the ingrained fear within your mind is a passing face something that you won’t have a hard time dealing with in the long run.

Learning more about it helps to fill in the void in your mind and makes you realize what could be the shortcoming behind your struggles and when you know what you are struggling with it becomes a lot easier for you to cope with the hassles. You can even take up reading some inspirational books because those come a lot in handy too.

The only way to beat fear is by embracing it and you need to acknowledge it is existence to overcome it and this is often basic rule that the majority of people tend to forget.


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