Good air is worse than hazardous air quality

Foods to help deal with air pollution
Good air is worse than hazardous air quality

Environmental and medical problems are also at risk from air pollution

Although we may find it funny in this environment, children and the elderly with respiratory disorders are more likely to suffer from air pollution.

In such a case, we can increase the immunity by adding nutritious foods to deal with it on a daily basis We need to eat the foods we need to ask for air pollution

Those foods include vitamin C rich citrus fruits
Lemon, guava, and orange fruit, gooseberry are high in oxidants and should be included in your daily diet.

A person should eat foods rich in vitamin C per day, such as lemon juice, and juices, lettuce, coriander leaves.

Vitamin C is packed with nutritious foods.

You have to accept these foods as immune to air pollution, without going into the body and collecting them in the body.

Haryana had the most toxic air among 97 cities analysed.

Jind’s average AQI was 448. Delhi’s average AQI was 407.

The average AQI calculated for 24 hours (November 3, 4 pm to November 4, 4 pm) showed

Delhi, in fact, does not feature among the 10 most polluted cities of India.

Milk with turmeric mixed drink in fish omega-3 supplement is full of the immune ability to induce non-vegetarian eating omega-3 pills fenugreek spinach to the diet can include fear-rich foods

Regularly run to help the nutrient rich pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, grains eaten basil, mint , aloevera

Nurturing mothers can take care of their children’s immunity by eating foods that are effective in such an environment and we can protect the babies carefully from pollution .


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