How to teach a character to your kids

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How to teach a character to your kids 2

It was being a great job, if your kids grew in good character without having to be intentional about teaching it. Unfortunately that is not the case to help you in still good character respect, gentleness, diligence, courage, resilience qualities in your child.

yes I make a special effort to notice when one of my kids does something commendable something that relates to their character quality I’d like to see them develop. I pull out a piece of note paper and hand write them a letter explaining how proud I am and how much I look them and love them then I champ it and wale it when the letter shows up it gets the child’s attention and sometimes kids are quick to tune out their parents affirmation.

Model to be good character:

No perfect parents:

Yes it was because I am an Idealist and I were often thought that I will jump up and down and screen more than most when I get to heaven system by ideas will finally they will be perfect love, perfect peace, perfect joy, perfect provisions and people. until then why we strive to teach our children character we have to remember that there are no perfect people and that me there or not any parents will stop be willing to humble countries and ask forgiveness from the child

Examine your beliefs:

Remember characters is court more than it is which means as you leave out his character before your kids, they will naturally get it more than if you just tell them what it’s supposed to look like. For example stay close to God or 10 close inventory of your heart and motivation on a regular basis or talk with a trusted friend about your spiritual and emotional struggles.

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