PM announces 21-day lock down in entire India to fight corona virus

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PM announces 21-day lockdown in entire India to fight corona virus

Corona virus live updates: India

the government deferred deadlines for filing tax returns extended year tax amnesty program and unveiled other relief steps while promising more measures to support the economy made the corona virus pandemic.

“We are very close to coming up with an economic package which will be announced sooner rather than later”, said finance minister Nirmala sitharaman at a press conference in Delhi.

India, Asia’s third largest economy is under pressure to boost spending to fight the economic fallout of the pandemic that’s infected close to 400000 People globally and 519 in India and brought normal life to a hault.

Citizens across India observed a self imposed curfew Sunday, a day when the country’s borders were also sealed temporarily to international flights aimed at limiting the spread of the virus.

The first laughter in China began on January the epicenter of the novel corona virus outbreak was cut off from rest of the world following near post midnight order by the government.

Airport, railways, ferry services and all road transport was suspended. Residents of Wuhan were prohibited from leaving the city without Prior permission from the authorities.

When COVID-19 cases began rising sharply in China in the second half of January the country responded with lock down.

it stemmed from the understanding that social distancing is the best defense against novel corona virus pandemic.

Wuhan is one of the business hubs in China and the main city of Hubei the worst affected province.

In the days to follow a dozen more cities in Hubei province were lock down. This meant a population of 3 million power almost 6 crore was locked down in the next 4 days but the Chinese authorities found it was not enough.

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Deadlock to down many more cities across 18 provinces of China.

PM announces 21-day lock down in entire India to fight corona virus 1

Total off 233 million or more than 23 crore people were locked down to content spread of novel corona virus in China by the middle of February and it was the biggest lock down in China. Now, considered the case of India.

After odisha announced a complete lockdown of all its 30districts total of 32 states and union territories are in total lockdown state of to control the spread of novel corona virus outbreak in India.

officially India has reported only 493 cases of novel corona virus infection till 5.15 pm on Tuesday according to status report on the ministry of health and family affairs of the central government.

Big states like Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have imposed partial shutdown and this includes death of 9 people due to complications triggered by COVID-19

There are 446 active COVID-19 patients who you are in different hospitals and reports in media put the number in access of 500 with Maharashtra reporting the maximum 107 cases till now.

For less than 500 COVID-19India has locked down around 600 district across the state and UTs. There are 718 districts in India around 560 of them are under complete lockdown.

Close to 900 million people live in these districts, according to census 2011 which put India’s population at 1.2 1 billion.

Recall from about China with more than 81600 cases of COVID-19 and 3276 deaths lockdown only 23 crore people or above16.5% of its total population and India has lockdown 100 crore or more than 82.5% of its population.

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another word for free sound by percentage of population in the country is under complete love down when we include partially lockdown states and districts over thousand million people have been locked down by the central and state governments.

In India except states like Punjab and Haryana which have imposed to statewide curfew, the lockdown rules allow certain classes people to go to work and everyone is allowed to go out of homes to buy the essentials.

There is however another differences in Chinese cities for example Wuhan the residents where are allowed to come out of their homes only once in two days for purchase of essential items.

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