How to fix it if there is lung impact?

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How to fix it if there is lung impact? 2
How to fix it if there is lung impact?

1.You will drink fruitful kapa sura… and many more benefits !!!

lung impact?the spread of coronavirus across the country, people are in a state of panic and the government is only trying to prevent it as no cure has been found to date.

 The role of paranormal medicine in Tamil Nadu is also large. Similarly, the coronavirus is currently spreading. To control this all the people are drinking kaba sura.

The role of paranormal medicine as a solution to any epidemic in Tamil Nadu is immense, in which case a medicine used during the outbreak of swine flu, a pulmonary infection, is Kapa Sura Gudini. 

lung impact?Before the spread of the coronavirus infection today, kapa sura drinking water is one of the paranoid drugs being sought all over Tamil Nadu.

Kaba Suram is mentioned in various texts such as Torayya Karisal, Sura Vagadam, Yuki Vaithiya Chintamani etc.

 Symptoms of this phlegm include sore throat, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, cough, hiccups, paleness of the face, hands, feet, severe diarrhea, intermittent claudication, and trigeminal neuralgia.

These drinks help in boosting the immune system in the body. It is best to take it after meals as the decoctions that burn the skin are hot potent.

 Although the contents of kaba sura drinking water are just herbal supplements, it is best to follow the advice of paranormal practitioners on other details about the amount of its use.

And not just for viral infections with pneumonia, but for all upper respiratory tract problems.

 Various studies have shown that kaba sura drinking is the best medicine, including the first level of a recent talkie study.

Therefore, in today’s era of coronavirus crisis, it is definitely beneficial to seek the advice of a paranoid doctor as soon as the initial symptoms of cold, cough and fever are known.

The lungs are one of the major internal / internal organs in which organisms breathe air. Breathing is the name given to inhaling and exhaling.

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 Gas exchange is the main function of this organ. Its job is to make some important chemicals and inactivate some other chemicals.

The lungs also absorb carbon dioxide to absorb oxygen, which energizes the body’s metabolism.

Act as an important element for excretion. We breathe an average of 22,000 times a day, inhaling and exhaling approximately 255 cubic meters (9000 cubic feet).

How to fix it if there is lung impact? 3
How to fix it if there is lung impact?

The Latin basic word for lung used in medicine is prefixed with pulmo.

 It is derived from the Latin word pulmonarius meaning related to the lungs. The common medical term has the prefix pneumo derived from the Greek word. The word is derived from the Greek word pneumon, meaning lung.

The air we inhale through the nose goes to the lungs through the trachea. The trachea splits in two in the chest and travels to the right and left lungs.

The right lung is divided into three parts and the left lung into two parts. The bronchial tubules (bronchial tubes) that divide into two are called alveoli, which divide into millions of microtubules.

Ending in airbags (microbes). Are called alveoli. These air sacs have very smooth muscles.

Because it contains many microscopic blood vessels, it expels carbon dioxide from the carbon-dioxide-rich blood that comes through the pulmonary artery, accepts new oxygen, and travels to the heart through the pulmonary arteries.

It is in these micropores that gas exchange takes place. How the alveoli contract and dilate when the lungs are affected by certain diseases

The mucus-like fluid that normally secretes in the lungs removes some dust and loads it out.

Celia in the airway expels dusty mucus upwards, we inadvertently swallow them. They pass mucus through the nose only when they are not healthy.

 Even the hair inside the nose will filter out the dust. Beyond this, if any dust enters, it is expelled by coughing and sneezing.

There are two envelopes around the lungs called the epithelium. There is a space between these two films.

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 It is called the floral space.

 It contains a very small amount of fluoride fluid. This fluid prevents friction caused by the movement of the lungs during respiration. The umbilical cord is used to control and regulate breathing. That is, it is the job of the brain to keep breathing at an average of 18 to 20 breaths per minute.The total capacity of the lungs is on average 6 liters. The volume of air is only 5 liters when breathing too much. The amount of air that is always inside the lungs is 1 liter.

2.Lung infection:

Symptoms of lung damage include cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing up blood, and restlessness. If you have a persistent cough for two weeks, you may have tuberculosis or asthma.

Some newborns may develop lung tumors (bronchitis cysts). For some babies, the lungs may rupture at birth. This is called the “squadrostation”.

 Today’s modern medicine has made good progress in curing or controlling these congenital lung infections.

It is best to avoid going outside during these times as much as possible, as inhaling dry air during the winter can damage the lungs. Face mask should be worn when working in dusty areas including cotton, quarry, cement.

The following steps can be taken to prevent this. It is best to wear a face mask on the nose when going to dusty areas.

Pranayama, Nadi Sutti, Deep Breathing Exercises etc. can be followed daily. It is important to avoid smoking. You can eat foods that boost the body’s immune system. Mix a small amount of basil leaf, two pinches – pepper powder, cumin powder, coriander powder and cardamom in 400 ml of water and boil well. Half dried to 200 ml, it can be taken daily with milk and black currant to strengthen the lungs.

How to fix it if there is lung impact? 4
How to fix it if there is lung impact?


Bronchoscopy is a state-of-the-art device for treating lung infections. The device is also used to accurately diagnose damage to the lungs.

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 This bronchoscopy can diagnose and treat lung cancer, other types of lung infections, industrial lung diseases, and the presence of foreign substances in the lungs.

Patients in the emergency department can have their mucus removed by this device if they have a runny nose. It can also be used to take a biopsy if there are tumors in the lungs.

 It is also used extensively to test for cancer by taking water from the lungs. They are very useful in diagnosing and treating problems with the larynx.

4.Other tasks besides breathing:

Apart from gas exchange, the lungs also do some other work.

It is essential to be safe on both sides of the heart and to protect the heart from vibrations.

It is the prevention of blood clots in the veins from going to other parts of the body.

Production of some important chemicals

Inactivating some other chemicals

How to fix it if there is lung impact? 5
How to fix it if there is lung impact?

The lungs’ main function is to add oxygen (oxygen = oxygen, oxygen) to the blood and to break down carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide) in the blood

6.To remove mucus from the lungs, do the following:

Corona virus is highly contagious and can be caused by a number of colds, headaches, and fevers.

The truth is that we are all in the situation. It is very good that we catch the spirit in the houses so that these infections do not touch us.

Colds, headaches, and runny noses will go away as we catch the spirit. And the germs that may be in the lungs fly away.

Breathing can be done by anyone from 3 year olds to the elderlyin ancient times it was customary to catch the spirit in ordinary hot water without adding any herbs.

 Later, tincture of benzene is mixed with hot water and applied. It is also customary to boil willow and eucalyptus leaves with water to catch the spirit.


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