Mobile phones safely Steps to use

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Mobile phones safely Steps to use
Mobile phones safely Steps to use

Avoid long conversation:

Radio frequency radiation could penetrate human cells and damage tissues in our body over time.

 Long conversation without using proper headphones cause heating effect on brain cells due to electromagnetic radiation. Long term exposure of high power RF signals could harm our brain cells, skin, ear etc…

The short term effect of EM radiation in individuals have different some feel headache, tiredness and dizziness etc.

When you talk to your cell phone avoid holding it up to your head use the speaker phone or your headset instead. Wireless Bluetooth and wired headset Amity much less RF energy than cell phones.

Send text messages instead of talking on the phone. if you are dreaming or if you are downloading or sending large files try to keep the phone away from your head and body full stop carry your cell phone in a backpack, briefcase for us and not in a pocket or belt holster.

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According to statistics there are 5 billion mobile subscribers in the world. smart phones and mobile phones are inevitable part of our daily life. It shows budget of the world population want a Smartphone or any kind of mobile devices.

The effect of radiation from mobile phones and other wireless electronic devices on human health is subject of interest under study worldwide and also as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world. Mobile phones are used in electromagnetic radiation in the the microwave range.

In response top public concern the World health organization established the international EMF project in 1996 to assess the scientific evidence of possible health effects of EMF in the frequency range from 0 to 300 GHz.

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 The WHO states that the large number of studies have been performed over the last two decades to assess the weather mobile phone pose a potential health risk. Stronger or more frequent exposure to EMF can be unhealthy and in fact serve as the basic of electromagnetic weapon.

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international guidelines on exposure levels to microwave frequency EMF searches ICNIRP limit the power levels of wireless devices and it is and common of wireless devices to exceed the guidelines.

Please guidelines only take into account thermal effect as non-thermal effects have not been conclusively demonstrated.

Keep mobile devices away from your body

Cell towers continuously send ping signals to mobile devices to keep track of them whether the UE are still under cell circle.

All transmitting devices should keep away from your devices and also avoid any direct contact with body and keep it inside bag or a pouch if possible. while sleeping keep your mobile devices away from your bed and switch off mobile data and Wi-Fi options.

Mobile devices are always connected to wireless data at home and office. To know your phone’s cellular data Wi-Fi options and Bluetooth when not in use. Before sleeves turn off all wireless transmitting devices like wireless routers using a timer on manually.

Applications on mobile devices are continuously running in the background so turn off the data and Wi-Fi option to stop communicating.

Use headsets are speaker phone option

Use of good weird or wireless headsets reduces the risk of electromagnetic radiation to brain cells. It makes the use of speakerphone options whenever possible and Bluetooth technology uses very low power for transmission and considered as safe way to use with mobile devices.

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Parents should not panic over the latest results but it can be used as a good reminder to limit both children’s screen time and exposure from cell phones and other devices.

The HAP also says that due to the mobile phones adaptive power ability, a SECT cordless phones radiation could actually exceed the radiation of mobile phone. The HAP explains that while the SECT cordless phones radiation has an average output power of 10 MW, it is actually in the form of thousand burst per second of 250 MW, yes 10th comparable to some mobile phones.


The majority of human studies have failed to find link between mobile phone use and cancer. there is no strong or consistent evidence that mobile phone use increases the risk of getting brain cancer or other head tumors.

The United States National Cancer institute points about that radiofrequency energy does not cause DNA damage that can lead to cancer. In 2011 World health organization working group classified mobile phone as a possibly carcinogenic to humans.

An early analysis of preliminary results issued by the National toxicology program had indicated that you to the such issues as the inconsistent appearances of signals for harm within and across spices and the increase the changes of false positives due to t he multiple of tests and the past year results seen are more likely due to the random changes and the full results of the study were released you for peer review in February 2018.

It is our responsibility to make sure the use of technology will not harm humans and natures. Advancement in any eel technologies are aimed to make or convenience and safety. Practicing of safety procedures are significant for a healthy lifestyle an d protect our other living organisms.

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safe chraging

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Use original charges provided by phone manufacturers to avoid hazard of electrical shock. Fast charging solution in the market may not be a good idea and less recommended by the device manufacturers and avoids use of the phone and wired headset while charging. There have been some reports about accident happening during charging.

The best solution to avoid health risk is practicing moderate use of smart phones and other mobile devices.

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