Most important detail about Microsoft word (MS Word)

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In detail about Microsoft word

MS Word Microsoft bought the bravo program and changed its name to Microsoft word. The program was the first released in 1981 and many of the ideas, features in Microsoft word came from bravo it is the first graphical writing program.

 It was not very popular and did not sell as well as other writing programs like word perfect by the way it was not popular when it came out and it had a feature called WYSIWYG which meant the people can change the visual style of writing like italics, bolt by clicking on buttons. there are variations for Microsoft word for other operating systems as well as Microsoft word the new version also support fewer operating although they always support Windows.

It is the one of the most of productivity applications included in the Microsoft office and it is original developed by Charles simonyi and Richard Brodie and sometimes it is also called as MS word, windward or Word and also Microsoft word is a word processor published by Microsoft.

Microsoft word is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple macos, Android and Apple IOS and it is run on the Linux operating system using WINE.

Microsoft word allows you to create professional quality document, letters, reports and resumes.

if you have Microsoft word for the entire Microsoft office package installed on Microsoft Windows you can find Microsoft word in your start menu and keep it in your mind that a new computers do not include Microsoft word is a useless so it is must to be purchased and installed before running it on your computer and

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if you do not want to purchase Microsoft word are cannot offered you can also use a limited version for free at the Microsoft office website and also you can enjoy by using it.

Most important detail about Microsoft word (MS Word)

Microsoft word is a word processor and like other word processor as it is capable of helping users by creating a variety of different types of document for example users can create a resume, instruction document for business contract excetra.

Without configuration the program was saved to the document in the appropriate file format so other programs could not be opened it and when the users and his document to a friend the friend needed a copy of Microsoft word to read the document then that friend would probably also saves document in the same secret format of word so this gave Microsoft word are dominant position.

Features: MS Word

Microsoft word is the most word processing program on the market and it is initiative even for the most technological elected computer uses and is backed by the powerful Microsoft office.

Word has the power to not only that you were grammar and spelling but also you are writings complexity and word users lingual test purchase flesch reading ease test which calculate also on a 100 point sale so the higher the number the easier it is to understand so office want’s documentation suggest you that you want to score between 60 and 70.

in order to use this feature you will first have to turn it on by navigating to file, options, proofing then select show readability statistics under spelling and grammar.

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And it was the word document most popular software programs in the world used by millions of office workers students and home users to create read and edit documents.

key features of the program include the ability to enter and format text the ability to save and print documents compatibility with old versions of word and other software so support for cloud or local use and collaboration features.

Most important detail about Microsoft word (MS Word)

Word and compatibility:

Typically versions of Microsoft word can open files created in previous versions of the software and save files informed usable by earlier versions and you can also save files in format such as rich text format which is used by a variety of competing products and Microsoft word has been designed for use to maximize compatibility between versions and many other word processing programs can open files created in Microsoft word.

If you want to take advantage of new features in a document you may not be able to fully e ready on them when you open the document in another program including on earlier version of word.

Cloud and local support

Microsoft word of a local version of the software that you can access on your computer and division you can access through your web browser so that in the past word was won the available as a program you installed locally on your computer with either version of word in office 365 are micro office 2016 you can save files locally or to a Microsoft hosted cloud system where they can be accessed from any location.

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