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What are the benefits Controlling of Dhanurasana and how to do it?

Dhanurasana is one of the three main back stretching exercises and it also gives the entire back a good stretch, thus imparting flexibility as well as strength to the back so this pose also recommended for those with diabetes, menstrual disorder and incontinence.

Natural Health benefits of sarvangasana yoga tips

In this asana the arms up up to the elbows are placed on the floor shoulder width apart. The body from the feet to the shoulders is in a straight line and the chest is pushed forward and the chin is placed in the throat pit which is called Jalandhar Banda. All the pressure is on the neck,shoulders and the back of the head and the hands are please down the back hips, the legs are straight and the feet are relaxed.

Simple ways to have a wrinkle free face

many factors impact your skin and some of these you cannot influence but there are many external factors that you can and external factors influencers such as unprotected Sun exposure and washing to frequency or with water that is too hot and that can also damage your skin so and healthful diet like lack of sleep, not enough exercise, stress, smoking and particular medications can all impact the skins ability to operate as an effective protective barrier.


Sleep is a big part of our lives even if we are not getting 8 hours but there is more to it than you might think and if you are having problems getting enough sleep or have an injury there is more than two lying down and catching some sleeps so your sleep position plays a big role in your sleep quality which means it might be time for you to switch it up.

Aware of Working in a cold weather and it is good or bad for health?

It is important that you take all the necessary precautions to stay warm to avoid cold weather related illnesses like hypothermia and frostbite. It’s that time of year again, when many parts of the country devolve into a frozen, bone-chilling wasteland that sends many of us scrambling to our warm fireplaces, layers of fleece and mug of hot beverages.

Effective ways to do everything you want without fear

Fear is something that is ingrained within our mines and we experience little too big does of it every single day for the most part we try and avoid doing things because we are afraid and that is how the world works but giving into the confines of your is what keeps us from fulfilling our growth success and fulfillment.