Sachin shared Vadivelu Moment Harbhajan why is that so

The Indian cricket team played their first Test day of the day, the most important historical event in Indian cricket.

 After Ganguly took over as head of the BCCI, the women’s transformation was staged and conducted on the first day of the Test match yesterday at the Eden Gardens ground in Kolkata.

The Bangladesh Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of West Bengal started the match.

 Pink Ball Test Contest Sachin Tendulkar shares interesting information about his first meeting with Harbhajan Singh during this conversation.

 I think my first visit to Mohali was in 1996

Several local residents said that a young player had arrived and that he was bowling very well.

They also told me to spin off and blow the dust off.

 I have to face his bowling.

 I was intrigued by the fact that he bowled well and thought I should encour That’s how Harbhajan bowled me first in the webcast and asked me what often comes close to me when bowling.

 I don’t understand why Harbhajan asked me if that is what happened so many times.

 Harbhajan asked, “Why did you call me again and again when you were bowling for the first time in training? But why did you go back and bowl without saying anything?” age him

I don’t understand anything. The only thing I understood was that I always called you back.  

 Sachin Tendulkar’s cell phone-adjusting footage, which was elaborated on that day, has become known to Sachin’s fans at an early stage and Harbhajan, who did not know it, went to Tendulkar’s home.

 Harbhajan has said that in the post office sequence of the film, Harbhajan is a fanboy moment, and that Narendra’s love for Vadivel as Kamen Kaman is what he calls himself


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