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Each person has different needs and is comfortable in a different sleep position and the best sleeping position is not one size fits all solution.

To find the best sleeping position for you that considered more than just comfort and people sleep in different ways after all.

Although relaxation is important don’t forget our lives are constantly changing. Sleep is a big part of our lives even if we are not getting 8 hours but there is more to it than you might think and if you are having problems getting enough sleep or have an injury there is more than two lying down and catching some sleeps so your sleep position plays a big role in your sleep quality which means it might be time for you to switch it up.

if you are struggling with pain or other health issues you might need to switch your sleep position in order to help to manage it and while it might not be something you can do in one night it can definitely be worth trying out

Different sleep position have different benefits. Our body shape alerts as we age and we get permanent r the occasional cold. if you want to sleep smarter not harder for sleep positions should also adjust with life’s vicissitudes.

taking the time to gradually train yourself to sleep in a new position could be the secret to improving your sleep quality however it is something you are uncomfortable with so don’t stress about it and you can also try modifying your favorite sleep position to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

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Lying on your stomach: SLEEPING

unfortunately sleeping on your stomach can cause both neck and back pain and it can also add a lot of unnecessary strain to your muscles and joints which is why you might be walking up sore and tired.


sleeping on your back gives you your best shot at resting your spine in its most natural question and in fact you are enter your skeleton will thank you for sleeping on your back because your arms shoulders and legs won’t be jammed under the weight of your body or contorted in some bizarre Amusement park ride pose.

If we had to rank sleeping positions lying on your stomach might be at the bottom of the list while it is a good position for snoring or sleep apnea the benefits don’t extent much further and placing a pillow under your lower belly might help to reduce back pain. To make it better try sleeping with a thin head pillow or no pillow to reduce any added stress on your back neck and you can also try sleeping a pillow under your pelvis to reduce the lower back pain.

Side sleeping benefits and problems:

Sleeping on your side is great for cuddling and pillow talk additional research suggest that is sleeping on your left side is preferable to your right so thanks to the unique or you might of your internal organs left side sleepers Macy benefits in improved digestion and blood flow and side sleeping can also help to reduce heartburn.

Side sleeping also puts more strain on your pressure points and all of these symptoms can be listened with the help of a quality mattress and various arrangements of pillows to suit your personal style.

One of the biggest drawbacks to sleeping on your side is the dreaded drub arm. On a cosmetic note side sleeping can lead to more face wrinkles because you are praising your face against the pillow all night and saggy breasts too because gravity. Also it can lead to shoulder pain, back pain and hip pain if you are spine, hips and necks are properly aligned throughout the night.

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Flat on your back:

Not only does it make it easiest to protect your smile it can also help to relieve hip and knee pain. Sleeping on your back of the most health benefits.

As the Cleveland clinic explains sleeping on your back uses gravity to keep your body in an even alignment over your spine which can help you to reduce any unnecessary pressure on your back or joint and your pillow behind your needs may help you to support the natural curve of the body

plus if you are worried about keeping your skin looking fresh and sleeping on your back protects it from any pillow for gravity included wrinkles.

The key to fighting shoulder pain besides turning over is the correct pillow height and ARM position to find a pillow that provides good support for your neck and is the right height to keep your spine in element so you can also wear and ARM sling to bed to keep your shoulder in a comfortable position throughout the night.


the best way to achieve this is big surprise is with a great mattress and find a mattress that support the curvature how your body while still embracing the pressure points of your shoulders and hips.

on the flip side sleeping on your back can be difficult for anyone who struggles with snoring or sleep apnea and it can also be difficult for anyone who already struggles with back pain which is why it is important to make sure that you are probably supported.

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sleeping on your back try sleeping with the below behind your knees to reduce back pain and relieve pressure on your spine so you if you are congested, you can also prop yourself with an extra pillow to make breathing easier.

Do what feels best for you and also remember that you don’t have to change your sleep position and if you are and have any issues and the most important thing was also to make sure that you are waking up feeling restaurant and ready to go so try keeping a sleep diary for a week or two.

that can make you to keep track of any patterns in your sleep habits and sleep quality so you can get a better look at what’s working versus what isn’t it.


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