What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

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What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury? 2
What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

What is a spinal cord injury? The solution to that?

Definition What is a spinal cord injury?

How common is this condition?

Signs and Symptoms What are the signs and symptoms of a spinal cord injury?

When should you see a doctor?

What Causes Spinal Injury?

Trigger Factor What triggering factors put a person at high risk for this condition?

Diagnosis and Treatment How is a spinal cord injury diagnosed?

What are the treatments for spinal cord injury?

Prevention What can I do at home to prevent or treat spinal injuries?

What is a spinal cord injury?

spinal cord injury  Your spinal cord injury is the result of direct trauma to the nerves in the spine or indirect damage to the bones and soft tissue and blood vessels around the spine.

Damage to the spine can have an impact on the loss of bodily functions, such as movement / mobility or sensitivity to touch / temperature stimuli.

Damage usually does not occur completely, but only by abrasion or tearing.

Spinal cord injury is not the same as a spinal cord injury, it is caused by nerve entrapment or degeneration of the spinal discs.

This condition causes very severe physical trauma. It can have a significant and long-term impact on daily life if not treated seriously.

What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury? 3
What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

When should you see a doctor?

Anyone experiencing significant head or neck trauma needs an immediate medical assessment to determine if they are likely to have a spinal injury. In fact, it is safer to assume that a traumatized person will have a spinal injury until it is otherwise proven:

spinal cord injury If severe spinal injuries are not always immediately recognized and not recognized, a more serious injury can occur. Numbness or paralysis may occur immediately or gradually in the spine or on it

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Surrounding bleeding or swelling appears The time between injury and treatment is important in determining the stage of complications and the extent of recovery.

If a traumatized person is considered to have this condition, we should be more careful and prepared if the traumatized person actually has a spinal cord injury.

If you experience or have questions about the signs or symptoms listed above it is very important to consult your doctor. Everyone’s body functions differently. It is important to ask your doctor what is best for your condition.

What are the treatments for spinal cord injury?

spinal cord injury Unfortunately, there is no way to cure damage to the spine. However, researchers continue to work with new therapies, including prostheses and drugs that support neuronal regeneration or drugs that can improve nerve function left over after a spinal cord injury.

In the meantime, treatment can greatly help prevent further injury and help victims return to an active and productive life.

In an emergency, take the following steps:

Contact the hospital immediately. The sooner medical help comes, the better. Him if absolutely not needed

Do not bother to move in any way. This includes adjusting the position of the person’s head or attempting to remove his helmet. Tell that person to be as calm as possible, even if they think they can stand and walk on their own. If the person is not breathing, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be performed. Do not tilt his head back, but bring the jaw forward.

How common is this condition?

In economically developed countries, the rate of occurrence of this condition is 3 per 100000 population. Men are five times more likely than women to have spinal cord injuries.

What are the symptoms of a spinal cord injury?

Any form of spinal cord injury can have one or more of the following signs and symptoms.

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Loss of movement Loss of sensation including heat, cold and tactile sensation Loss of sensation in the bladder and bowel Excessive reflex function or seizures Changes in sexual function, sexual sensitivity and fertility Damage to nerve or fibers in the spine Difficulty breathing or coughing Cleaning.

What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury? 4
What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

There are many emergency signs and symptoms that should be checked by a doctor immediately

spinal cordinjury  Back pain or severe pressure on your neck, head or back, weakness in any part of the body, syncope or paralysis of the hands, fingers, legs or toes

Respiratory disorders after injury In addition to a peculiar position of the twisted neck or back, it is also referred to as a stroke from a spinal injury.

Rheumatoid arthritis of both arms and legs. Also known as quadriplegia. This means your limbs, body, legs and hips are all affected by your spinal injury. Depression. These strokes affect all parts of the body, including the legs and pelvic organs.

What Causes Spinal Injury?

This condition is often the result of accidents or unforeseen incidents of violence. Such accidents or events can cause a lot of damage to the spine.

Violent attacks such as a puncture or shooting Jump into very shallow water and hit the ground Trauma from a car accident (especially collisions with the face, head and neck, back or chest) Falling from a height Head or spine injuries from sporting events Electrical accident is severely twisted in the middle of the body.

What triggers this condition and puts a person at greater risk?

come of the triggers that can cause this condition are:

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Do not wear seat belts while in the car Do not use proper safety equipment during exercise.

Always go to your doctor before starting treatment.

How is a spinal cord injury diagnosed?

 After experiencing a trauma involving your spine, you may be taken to a hospital emergency room. There, the doctor will carefully examine, test emotional function and movement, and ask you questions about multiple accidents.

However, if the injured person complains of neck pain, is not fully alert, or shows clear signs of weakness or neurological injury, some urgent testing is needed.

What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury? 5
What is the natural way to repair a spinal cord injury?

This test includes the following:


 spinal cord injury Health workers usually perform this test on people you suspect have spinal injuries after trauma. X-rays can cause spinal problems (spinal column), tumors, fractures or degenerative changes in the spine.

Computerized tomography (CD) scan

C.D. The scan is able to give a clearer picture of abnormalities compared to using an X-ray. They are scanned with a computer to create continuous cross-sectional images that can show the condition of your bones, fragments and other problems.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRIs use strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create images from a computer. This test is very helpful in looking at the spine and identifying hernias, blood clots or other masses that can compress the spine.

What can I do at home to prevent or treat spinal injuries?

Since your spinal injury is often an unforeseen event, the best thing you can do is reduce your risk. Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

Always use a seat belt when in the car

It is very important to use appropriate safety equipment while exercising.


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