How to make money in the stock market?

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How to make money in the stock market? 2
How to make money in the stock market?

Stock Market Investments Ahead of Market Risks Carefully read the project documentation

You have often seen this verse on TV. As soon as you see this, most people are afraid to come to the stock market side.

But the truth is that if the stock market is used properly we can easily make the money we need. I will tell you in this post how to do it.

The stock market is like a shopping mall where you have to invest in whatever good quality company you feel is there.

As the value of that company rises, so does your investment money. This is what they call the stock market.

This is called the stock market, in which you buy shares in your favorite company and sell them after their value has risen.

stock market Every person who comes to the stock market comes with the desire to earn well. So the stock market is one of the most lucrative ways to make money because it offers better returns than other ways.

How to make money in the stock market? 3
How to make money in the stock market?

 Most people who come to the stock market ask – Rs 1000 per day from the stock market. But many of them fail to do so due to lack of knowledge and experience.

Movement in the stock market is governed by a variety of factors, both domestic and international. These factors are circumstantial and out of anyone’s control.

stock market Because it is difficult to predict the daily movement of the market, experienced traders aim to earn a fixed amount in a month, rather than trying to achieve specific daily goals.

It does not provide opportunities for trading every day, and if you earn from the stock market by trading every day, you will face huge losses due to this.

If you still want to do daily trading, you need to stick to paper or virtual trading in which if you are successful, you can pursue real trading.

Usually two of these are used for need

To invest

To trade

An investment is an investment in which you have an amount of cash that you invest in and then multiply that amount several years later and then withdraw. Let’s see how to do this.

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Trading is the act of buying shares in a company and selling them shortly after making a profit.

There are five types


Day Trading (Intraday)

Speed ​​trading

Swing trading

Level trading

Traders should trade using these five types. Let’s look at this in detail.

Intraday Trading

There are no limits to investment. You can start with Rs.1000 or Rs.1,00, 000. There are no boundaries in capital. There are no restrictions on earning as there are no restrictions on this. In theory, the amount one can earn from the stock market is unlimited. If you want to make Rs 1,000 a day from the stock market every day, you need to engage in intraday trading. In intraday trading, you buy and sell stocks within a day.

 Buying stocks is not a one-of-a-kind investment, but a great way to make a profit using stock price fluctuations.

How to make money in the stock market? 4
How to make money in the stock market?

How to earn 1,000 rupees a day from the stock market?

 If you are wondering how to make 1000 rupees a day from the stock market, some of the steps given below make it easy to make money from stocks if you follow them closely.

Trading in Large Volumes This is the first rule in intraday trading – always monitor stocks with large or liquid stocks. The term ‘volume’ refers to the number of shares moving from one hand to another in a day. Since the position must be closed before the end of trading hours, the cash flow of the stock depends on the potential for profit.

Always set aside time to be sure about the stocks you plan to invest in. That is important. Focus on others’ analysis and opinions only after you have made your own. If you are confident about certain stocks or indices, you should invest in them.

 Make a list of the 8 to 10 stocks you want to target and continue your research on these. Before you invest, you should pay attention to how volatile the prices of these stocks are.

 Let go of your greed and your fears. There are two cardinal sins you should try to avoid in the stock market, at all costs. Factors such as greed and fear often affect the decisions that traders make.

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 It is best to keep these psychological factors in mind when you make business decisions. They sometimes cause traders to bite more than they chew, which is never advisable. It is important to finalize some stocks and hold only about them.

No trader can make a profit every day. If you try to run after that mirage, you will disappoint yourself again and again.

 When the wind is against you, you have no choice but to book a loss. So, as an intraday trader, you should always look at the limits and try to stay within them.

Keep your entry and exit points consistent You should never affect your results. We are now talking about two factors. Let’s talk about two factors that increase the chances of making a good profit.

  You ask, “How do you earn 1000 rupees a day from the stock market?” You need to know that the answer is to have a fixed entry and exit points in the trade when you ask that.

These are the two main pillars of the stock market. As a trader, you can identify these points accurately and only after you have done this can you think about making a profit.

Before you place an order for purchase, you should always determine the entry point and the price target of the stock. The price target is a reasonably priced price considering its history and projected returns.

 If the stock runs below its target price, this is a good time to invest in it as you will make a profit when the stock reaches its target price again or breaks it. Having a fixed point for your entry and exit, you should not sell stocks as soon as you see a slight rise in prices.

 Is able to confirm that. Because of this trend, you will lose the opportunity to make big profits when the stock price rises further. Having a fixed entry and exit points will loosen the grip of fear and greed as it will remove some uncertainty from the process.

How to make money in the stock market? 5
How to make money in the stock market?

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1. Measurement:

The scalping method is short term trading. Those who do this will give up immediately after making a small profit and then do the same thing over and over again. Will do 10+ trades daily. They will charge Rs.100 + for a single treadmill and will continue to do the same.

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2. Day Trading / Intraday:

This is the most popular trading method to make more money. It is a day trading. You have to buy in the morning and sell at 3.20pm in the afternoon after a good price increase.

Example If you buy பங்கு 200: stock size 500 and it sells after ₹ 202 then you have a profit of ₹ 1000 (size * increasing amount) 500 * 2 = 1000.

You can buy and sell according to the market, that is, you can sell for ₹ 100 a share and then buy for ₹ 98 after the price drops. Its name is short sale.


You can buy more stock in gross investment using intraday lending option. That means you can make ₹ 100 investment and buy 10 shares of 100 rupees. Your account provider will pay for it, but you may lose out if you fail to focus on making more profit.

3.Mand Business:

This trading method is done using breakout. Now when a company’s stock goes up or down, they buy or sell it. Whoever goes up or down is a profit.

4. Swing Trading:

Swing trading is short-term trading, which means that if you know that a company’s share price will rise in a week, you buy it at a gummy price and sell it after the price rises.

This trading is a risk-averse trading method.

For example, if you have 1 lakh, you can invest it in a company that is known to be good and sell it for ₹ 1.5 lakh and make a profit immediately (1 week)..

 5.Level Trading:

This trading method has changed the swing. But holding stocks on a monthly basis and earning more is level trading.

Important Note:

I am only saying good things about the stock market. But if you make a wrong decision in choosing a company, it will cost you a lot. So put the rest of the money to go with your expenses. Do not leave the money you put too much.

Remember the “greedy bigotry”.


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