This is China’s massive duplicate,version

Chinese art is many things that make little difference to the language they are preparing.

We have seen our father browsing.

And Some of the people have no idea to create a fake printable for one thing.

If we see the tiger of Chinese origin now, we are all wondering.

 What does that mean is that the material we use on a daily basis should be the same thing? No change in the home.

 Chinese scientists have named the HL – 2M Tokamak , a sun-duplicate version of the Sun, developed by Pearson in Sidon Province, in partnership with the National Atomic Energy Agency of China’s Southwestern Physical Institute.

 All nuclear power stations in the world operate on this HL-2M nuclear technology, generating electricity using nuclear technology.

The power of combining atoms, which means that nuclear power technology is not in high use.

This artificial sun is the biggest contributor to the international thermal energy test in France for you.

ITER is the world’s largest nuclear fusion project with a total value of about 20 million euros.

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