The corona virus did not escape from a lab Suffer

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The corona virus did not escape from a lab

A new analysis of SARS-COV-2 may finally put that later idea to bed. virus

A group of researchers compare the syndrome of this novel corona virus with the seven other corona virus known to infect humans MERS and SARS which can cause severe disease along with HKU1, NL63 and OC43 which typically cause just mild symptoms the researchers road march 17 in the journal nature medicine.

The world health organization has declared this rapper wedding outbreak pandemic and many countries are grappling with rise in confirmed cases.

in the US the centers of disease control and prevention is advising people to be prepared for descriptions today daily life that will be necessary if the corona virus spreads within communities.

The rapid spread of the virus that causes covid-19 has sparked alarm worldwide.

Infected people may shed significant amount of flu virus simply by greeting scientist have discovered.

Why does breath of new killer virus seems to ultimately terrifying this is not the first time a new respiratory illness has hit the headlines.

one positive outcome of this is that much relevant already exist. scientist have previously highlighted the importance of nasal breathing in preventing the spread of infection indicating that where face mask fails the nose may provide care natural filter for dangerous pathogens.

it is relatively obvious that the nose filters worms and humidifiers are on its way into the body is mouth breathing does not but move to the nose dance you might realize.

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Every flu season feels bad but this year could be shaping up to be something more serious and the public health authorities or concentrated because this year’s seems to be less effective than normal and

that could mean more people catching the flu and unfortunately more facilities among vulnerable people. You were probably here the conventional wisdom for avoiding the flu

The corona virus did not escape from a lab Suffer

stay away from infected people who are coughing and sneezing and wash your hand often to avoid picking up the virus from contaminated surfaces but a new study suggest this preventative measures don’t go far enough.

many people have been asking why corona virus is b u c has so much more serious than the annual outbreak of influenza. in simple terms covid-19 behave very difficulty from flu

and it is much less well understood and it has a very high viral load and where flu results in a crippled music system new virus attacks a very specific type of cell called your type 2 pneumocytes.

Here is the new questions and answers about covid-19

I heard that certain blood pressure medicines might worsen symptoms of covid-19.

should I stop taking my medication now just in case I do get infected? should I stop if I develop symptoms of covid-19?

At this time, the American Heart Association (AHA), the American College of Cardiology (ACC), and the Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) strongly recommended that people taking this medication continue to do so even you speak and hear

concern get started and research do animal studies on a different corona virus was found that certain sites on lungs cells called ACE-2 receptors appeared to help the SARS virus enter the lungs and cause pneumonia.

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ACE inhibitor and ARB drugs raised ACE-2 receptor levels in the animals.

The reality today:

Some studies suggest that ACE inhibitor and ARBs may reduce lung injury in people with other viral pneumonia and the same might be true of pneumonia caused by the covid-19 virus.

Stopping your ACE inhibitor or ARB could actually put you at greater risk of complications from the infection since it is likely that your blood pressure will rise and heart problems would get worse.

I’ve heard that high dose vitamin c is being used to treat patients with covid-19. Does it work? Should I take vitamin c to prevent infection with the covid-19 virus?

The corona virus did not escape from a lab Suffer

A 2017 study found that high dose IV vitamin c treatment appeared to prevent death among people with sepsis a form of overwhelming infection causing dangerously low blood pressure and organ failure.

The idea that high dose 4 vitamin c might help in overwhelming infections is not new.

Another study published last year assessed the effect of high dose vitamin c infections among patients with severe infections who had success and acute respiratory distress syndrome in which the lungs fill with fluid.

why the studies main measures of improvement did not improve with the first four days of vitamin c therapy there was here lower death rate at 28 days among treated patients

neither of these studies look that vitamin c use in patients with covid-19 the virus therapy was specifically given for sepsis and ARDS and these are the most common conditions leading to intensive Care unit admission ventilator support or death among those with severe covid-19 infections.

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vitamin c will help to prevent infection with the corona virus that causes covid-19 vi standard doses of vitamin c are generally homeless

and high doses can cause a number of side effects including nausea cramps and an increase the risk of kidney stones.

Should I wear a face mask?

if you have respiratory syndromes like coughing or sneezing experts recommend wearing a mask to protect others. Follow public health recommendations where you live.

this may help to contain droplets containing any type of virus including the flu and protect any one with three to six feet of the infected person.

as of February 26 2020 face marks are not recommended for the general public in the US some health facilities require people to wear a mask under certain circumstances.

The WHO offers videos and illustrations on when and how to use a mask.

Is there a vaccine available?

No vaccine is available, although scientist will be starting human testing on your was in very soon. however it may be here or more before we even know if we have a vaccine that works.


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