Alternative app of Tiktok and the Important details about Vskit app

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Alternative app of Tiktok and the Important details about Vskit app
Alternative app of Tiktok and the Important details about Vskit app

Vskit is a mobile application that is used to create short and fun videos by content creators so it was the first introduced to the African market in march 2018 and currently commands a subscription of more than 20 million users.

Vskit launches a series of activity challenges stickers and a special effort and you can enjoy different wonderful videos from your most fabulous or and comedy ends etc.

you can also create and share various fun videos about the dance, comedy, food and beautiful scenery by using different functions so recording every moment of life and enjoying the joy of life is the most important one so let’s enjoy the funny videos.

If you are musician, entertainer, or upcoming artist? Here is a new app called Vskit and you can join it. You will have a chance to be a Vskit celebrity to be known and enjoying more fun without going out.

Where there is a good location there is enough light. According to the apps developer the name is composed of “V” meaning video and victory and “Skit” meaning short dramatic piece done by amateurs.

Many people here like to express themselves in front of the camera by singing and dancing which is an ideal cultural foundation for creating short videos in Africa.

In recent years China-Africa corporation has been with the number of Chinese companies setting up shop in Africa bolstering people-to-people ties.

Alternative app of Tiktok and the Important details about Vskit app 1

The mobile application continues to be embraced by young people who have talents day want to showcase to the world and the only resource they can afford is a smart phone and it also targets the users of between the ages of 18 to 30 years old.

With Vskit looking to create a a digital life child with one of the largest video communities by use of mobile and it is attractive and a significant number of artists from across the 34 countries in which it operate in Africa and some of these artists have taken the responsibility of being biggest Vskit brand ambassadors.

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Vskit has different categories of videos that have attracted a lot of interest from their consumers which include light drama, fashion and popular dances etc..

This includes allowing users to edit their own videos and that introduce artists to a new audience across Africa in addition to giving them the platform to exercise their creativity to the fullest.

Alternative app of Tiktok and the Important details about Vskit app 2

You can download this app in Google play store and play store on tecno and infinix phones.

After downloading Vskit, one will be e required to sign up by using either your phone number, Facebook account or Gmail.

Vskit will then give you a Vskit ID which you can only change once to your preferred one and then you can also update your bio so you will required to add your name and create a password that you will be required to give when logging into the app again.

Features: Vskit app

Duet: making a beautiful photo video by using your own photos and exquisite templates. The video templates will be updated frequently.

Online music: All kinds of background music you can choose and make your video more rhythmic and attractive like tik tok.

Video comment and downloading: leaving messages under the video and communicate with the video uploader and download in the video you want to keep in your phone and watch it at any time.


Record: clicking the record button to start to shoot video like tik tok and adding different stickers like special efforts and background music to make you a video more fun

Notification and following: showing the likes, comments, and your new followers then finding and following the users it talents your video to like it.

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