10 Challenges that Couples must overcome `Work From Home ‘

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 10 Challenges that Couples must overcome `Work From Home '

Is the ‘Work From Home’ culture in India

beneficial or challenging for people who need to protect themselves from corona virus infection? Opinions and discussions are flying.

On the other hand, many mimes have been circulating on social media in the name of ‘homemade laundry,’ regarding the problems that couples experience when working from home.

Vinu Varshid from Chennai has been practicing ‘Work from Home’ option for his wife Sri Janani for the last seven years. Here are their sharings of the work from home on ‘Couple Goals’.

1.Drawing hair

“It is not always time to discuss a problem. Someone will end up with one another. No one is fighting. Now, all things together.

“When the job is running out of work, it can be annoying not to be able to decide on the most important things.

2.Kitchan Galatta

” I will be out in the morning, usually in the morning and lunch. It was dinner work. But he is from Work from Home,  some times Snacks, Coffee, tea or any one of, the model of the two.

At the same time, the kitchen side of the front of the house, who is not in the house, and the kitchen can not come to help. “- Janani

10 Challenges that Couples must overcome `Work From Home '

“Like all husbands, I was in the mood of ‘ wife hey,  genes are suffering ‘, and now even with my wife, the ‘homemaker’ is responsible for the task. – Vinu

3. The close-up of light

“Naturally I would compare them all. That’s why it’s not topical to me.” – Janie

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“That is difficult. Even if you get a phone while at home, we can talk to whom, what to talk about, what to talk about all the time, there is no chance to hide! “- Vinu

4. Fight Time

“If he had a fight with phone, he would have to fight that peace until he left the office in the evening. Be more understanding Ku. ” – Janie

“All the little things are going to be a fight. Then, she will not have a job and not run a house.”

5. Travel time

“As the travel time for the office is running out, we get a lot of time to talk to the office when the office is finished and to cover us and family matters.

‘Work From Home’ is definitely a great help for the relationship. “- Vinu

6. outing

“You can go out, only on weekends. But now, with a laptop and the Internet, you can work wherever you want. – Janie

“The rest of the week, office, weekend, home … Saturday, Sunday will be resting at home. – Vinu

7. Understand and support

“The work from home is very much in support of our mutual understanding of the nature of desire, ambition, dislike, what gets angry, what makes us happy. – Janani, Vinu

Overall, ‘work from home’ initially stresses both work and home, but over time, it creates a sense of clarity and greater alienation within couples as to what works and what they earn.

8. ’24’ Hours Task

“Up front, this is going to leave the office a little bit tense.

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Yes, there is a Maximum Time column and we are thinking of the column. And then, for me, personal friends, a meet with them, outing all this naturally. This is a little minus. Sorry Friends! ”- Janie

” By nature I’m a homemaker. However, the whole thing is a little difficult when the job is disturbed. Like her, I miss all of Friends Outing.

10 Challenges that Couples must overcome `Work From Home '

Yes, we have gone to the family friends circle and get together, outing. It is a great minus, Surprise Plan, Gift Model is not able to be confidential. “- Vinu

9. Is there value or decrease?

“He is working, and the tension in it is all the time, and for me and the family is so honored to work so much!” – Janie

“Sure, it’s worth it. All she has to remember is the fact that she and my house are clean. I value it so much now.”

10. Personal space

“A lot of people miss ‘me time’. One gym and shopping have nothing to do with the other. – Vinu

“Even everyday office buddies miss the time for a little chat, office gaming, a game of sports, personal time with us, where life is very positive.”


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